Lawyer and Partner
Avvocato Fabio Maria Giarda
Lawyer Fabio Maria Giarda


Born in Milan in 1977.


Graduated in Law from the University of Milan in 2001, he went on to qualify as a lawyer at the Milan Court of Appeal in 2006.

He is a member of the Milan Bar Association and Court of Cassation lawyer since 2018.





Professional experience

Having been with the Giarda Law Firm since 2001, he ascended to a partnership role in 2015.

He stood at the forefront, being among the earliest to address the criminal liability of corporations as stipulated by Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. His involvement spans extrajudicial contexts, as well as providing legal support and courtroom defense for companies accused of administrative offenses in criminal proceedings.

Furthermore, he has handled numerous cases in corporate and bankruptcy matters, alongside playing a pivotal role in numerous significant cases related to criminal environmental law and workplace health and safety regulations. Moreover, he has garnered substantial judicial expertise in the realm of asset prevention measures in accordance with Legislative Decree 159/2011. His active participation in related meetings has further enriched this experience.

He stands as the author of numerous publications featured in prominent specialized journals and trade books. Additionally, he assumes the role of a speaker at various conferences. He holds positions as Chairman and member within several Supervisory Bodies for both Italian and multinational companies operating in Italy. His responsibility extends to updating the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Codes.

E-MAIL: fgiarda@studiogiarda.it


It deals mainly with:
  • Professional experience
  • Corporate and bankruptcy criminal law;
  • Banking and financial market criminal law;
  • Criminal tax law;
  • Environmental criminal law;
  • Crimes against Public Administration;
  • Criminal liability of entities pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001;
  • Crimes relating to health and safety in the workplace;
  • Urban planning offences;
  • Medical liability and offences against the person;
  • Capital prevention measures;
  • Drafting and revision of Organisation, Management and Control Models pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.